Sunday, January 11, 2009


I don't think that The Hold Steady could have possibly lived up to the hype leading up to this album. 2006's Boys and Girls In America (their third album) seemed to come out of nowhere and really took the world by storm, but in an organic way. I hate to compare these guys to Springsteen - they must be sick of it - but I feel like they followed up their Born To Run with a Darkness On The Edge Of Town. In other words, an album that wasn't trying to repeat the one that came before, but which will go on to be seen as a classic. I haven't seen these guys in concert yet - which is odd, as they always seem to be touring - but I think the live show may be the only thing they lack. I hear they just kind of stand there. I know they kind of come from the indie world, so it would make some sense if they were boring live. But I plan on catching them at some point, so I'll judge for myself. 

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