Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Due to Larry Flick's interview schedule and my busy work schedule, I unfortunately won't be on OutQ Thursday. Which is a real bummer, because I want to take to the airwaves to blast the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who will NOT be inducting The Stooges this year. I know Larry feels the same way. I'm very happy for Metallica, one of my favorite bands ever (when I was a kid, I thought they were talking to me on their albums), Run-D.M.C. and Jeff Beck. But if The Stooges don't deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then no one does. Just looking over the list of inductees over the past few years, I ask this: has Leonard Cohen/Percy Sledge/Jackson Browne/Brenda Lee/Steely Dan/The Eagles really influenced more artists? I'll be on Larry's show Friday morning to talk about all this, and list the artists who wouldn't exist if it weren't for The Stooges' influence.


Betsy said...

Brian, only heard the first few minutes of your part of the show today, but your take on the Stooges was interesting and fun. I'll admit that I don't know their music, but will dig into it now to learn more. Thanks for always having interesting things to talk about with Larry.

This week I went to see James Hunter in concert outside of DC. Opening for him was Ryan Shaw who pretty much blew the house away. I'd never heard of him and was surprised to hear that he'd even been nominated for a Grammy recently. His ties to the whole R&B scene of the 60's/70's is evident, but I wondered if you'd heard of him and might consider talking about these musicians like Ryan and James who are putting their own modern spin on older R&B.

Thanks and keep up the great shows!


Minority said...

Thanks Betsy - I'm going to post about what records to try out if you're interested in The Stooges or any of the other artists I mentioned. I have talked about James Hunter on the show - I meant to see him when he performend in NYC, I couldn't go, and I totally regret it. I'm not familiar with Ryan Shaw, but I'll check him out.