Sunday, January 11, 2009


I think it's cool that The Doors are making their archival concert recordings available: there's certainly a lot of fans out there who would like to get every single thing that the band recorded, and they are willing to pay for it if it is officially mastered and approved by the surviving band members.

I recently picked up their Live At The Matrix album, recorded at The Matrix in San Francisco in 1967. Probably less than a hundred people were in the audience! It was after they released their debut album, but before "Light My Fire" became a hit. It's an interesting historical document, but the sound on the album isn't great (as they admit in the liner notes). It's cool if you are a Doors fanatic, but if not ,there are better live albums. I like Alive, She Cried and Live At The Hollywood Bowl, plus there is some good stuff on The Doors Box Set.

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