Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If Pavement reunite, every blog will have to write about it, or risk losing their blog union card. Ha ha. I have most of their albums and enjoy some of thier songs, but was always kind of surprised that people make such a big deal about them, but different strokes for different folks. So anyway, I've heard rumors of them reforming, and in a recent interview with Loud & Quiet, one of the members of the band said, "Coachella keep asking our booking agent, but our booking agent's pretty strong, you know, he's waiting for the right number I think.”

Pavement admitting that it's all about the benjamins? Isn't that like Marliyn Manson admitting that he loves to play beach vollyball? A Pavement reunion would probably make a lot of people happy (although I'm not sure they'd be allowed to admit it publically) but I love that the guy admitted that they were holding out for a huge number. The band that railed against "Career! Career! Career!" What can I say, ever since they stepped to Geddy Lee, I can't take them seriously.

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Wandering Jew said...

Im not afraid to admit it... I love them :) I would love to see them back at it!