Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tomorrow on OutQ, I'll be talking about new albums from some true American legends.

Smokey Robinson just released Time Flies When You're Having Fun. Smokey may be the greatest songwriter of all time, and has nothing to prove to anyone. And on this album, he doesn't really try. It's laid back, and he's having a good time.

John Fogerty just released The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again. It's all covers, plus a remake of one of his older solo songs, "Change In The Weather." It's fun, but not as classic as his last album, Revival.

My favorite album of the year is Bob Dylan's Together Through Life. I'm a bit nervous about trying to play it, though, as Larry Flick is not a Dylan fan. But "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" is kind of funky, hopefully that will go over OK.

Levon Helm isn't in the same league as Smokey, Dylan and Fogerty as a songwriter - he is more of a singer. Back in the days of The Band, Robbie Robertson wrote all the songs (although Levon contests the songwriting credits). But he is a legend, and he is an incredible singer (and a great drummer too). I love his Electric Dirt album. "When I Go Away" may be my favorite song of the year. I thought it was a cover of an older song: in fact, it was written by his guitarist (and former Dylan guitarist) Larry Campbell.

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