Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Larry Flick often refers to my weekly contribution to his morning program as a "rock" report, but often times it isn't rock, like when I recently discussed Whitney and Reba. Tomorrow, however, the report will indeed rock.

I will be talking about Muse 's new album, The Resistance, which came out today, and is maybe the most highly anticipated rock album of the year. They are so huge in England that they sold out two nights at Wembley Stadium (not the arena) and they even sold out MSG in New York last year - I would imagine a lot of tickets went to relocated NYC Brits. They're opening for U2 and they just rocked the VMAs, I really think this will be their year, it's a very exciting time to see them. I hope U2 is on their game at Giants Stadium!

Living Colour has a new album The Chair In The Doorway, which also came out today. They reunited in 2000 and this is their second album since then. I haven't had much time to spend with it, but I am a big enough fan to buy it regardless. There's lots of credits for songwriting and producing, like everyone was trying to get theirs, which may not be a great sign, but I bet there will be some great songs.

The Reverend Horton Heat just released Laughin' & Cryin' With The Reverend Horton Heat and it is one of my favorite albums of the year. More on the country side of rockabilly than his usual stuff (which is more punkabilly) and it also has lots of songs with hilarious lyrics like "Death Metal Guys" and "Just Let Me Hold My Paycheck." Highly recommended.

The Arctic Monkeys are like the new Oasis in England, and they're pretty big here also. I liked their first two albums: their latest one, Humbug, was produced by Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal and Them Crooked Vultures. Homeboy gets around! They wanted to get a bit more weird on this album and they went to the right guy to achieve that.

Crown Of Thorns is a hard rock band led by Jean Beauvoir, who is a former member of Wendy O. Williams' Plasmatics and also Little Steven's Disciples Of Soul. They are the first band on Steven's new hard rock label Lost Cathedral (as they wouldn't really fit in on Wicked Cool).

So, that's the lowdown for tomorrow, get ready to rock!

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