Thursday, February 5, 2009


When Cadillac Records came out, Etta James seemed OK with endorsing Beyonce's portrayal of her, vocals and all. But as anyone who has any access to news now knows, Ms. James seems fuming mad over Ms. Knowles' rendition of her signature tune, "At Last," at one of  Barack Obama's inauguration parties.  Etta recently ranted onstage about the performance (and unfortunately, about the President as well). 

The press generally fall all over Beyonce, but that's partially because you're probably not allowed near her unless you are guaranteed to not saying anything negative, or even ask any difficult or uncomfortable questions. So, it's interesting that, about a year after Aretha Franklin ripped B. for calling Tina Turner "The Queen of Soul" at last year's Grammys, Etta James is going on blast also. Or maybe it's just that the real legends aren't buying into Beyonce. 

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coffee said...

sounds like Etta might be jealous of Beyonce's face time with the new Prez