Thursday, February 5, 2009


First of all, my new day and time on OutQ is 10 am ET Friday mornings. Welcome to all of the new XM listeners (this week OutQ made its debut on XM).  Tomorrow, I'll be talking all things Bruce Springsteen: the new album, Working On A Dream (which I liked at first, but am starting to love -- it rewards repeated listenings), the Walmart controversy, the Springsteen/KISS connection, and his Super Bowl performance. Also, I'll talk about Willie Nelson's great new album, Willie & The Wheel, and hopefully play a bit of the new U2 single, "Get On Your Boots." 

In the next day or two, I'll be posting my Grammy picks, as well as Larry Flick's: who should win, and who will win in the big four categories. And Keith Price's if he's game. On Monday morning, I'll be in the studio talking about the Grammys (which air Sunday night). 

Finally, for people new to No Expiration (or longtime readers): here are some recent stories or links to stories that you might enjoy:

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