Monday, February 2, 2009


So, even though I went out instead of staying in to watch the Super Bowl, as soon as I got home I hit YouTube to find footage of Bruce Springsteen's half time show. He pretty much pulled out all the stops for a 13 minute adrenalin surge. If the game wasn't so exciting, I think that people would only be talking about Bruce's performance today. At any rate, his U.S. tour, which went on sale today, probably sold out based on the awesomeness of the performance.  It was a great performance. 

Of course, there are people complaining about different aspects of it: the fireworks, the choir, the horn section, he's not a football fan, and just the fact that he played it. I think he brought his A-game and did a great job, and didn't compromise anything (other than the fact that he's not used to playing 13 minute shows). Well done! 

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