Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm really looking forward to The Rolling Stones' upcoming Martin Scorsese-directed documentary, Shine A Light. Scorsese, of course, also helmed The Band's The Last Waltz. I wonder if this film will be like that - their last hurrah. How much longer will they go on for?

Having seen them on their last tour, I can honestly say I was knocked out by how great they were. I'd love to see them one more time.

People always accuse them of being "about the money." No doubt, I'm sure they all enjoy being rich. But they have tons of money, when you see them play, you see how much they love it. Even Mick.

Sort of overshadowed in the Shine A Light hype is the DVD box set Biggest Bangs, with three full length concert recordings from their last tour. I read an ad calling it "The best Stones doc yet" or something like that. Like, "We know the Scorsese one hasn't come out yet, so000..." Of course, Gimme Shelter is really better, documentary-wise, anyway. But the performances are great, the extras are fun, particularly their collabs with Eddie Vedder, Bonnie Raitt and Dave Matthews. I wish they'd release those on CD, or at least digitally.

One thing I hope they don't do is sell the Rolling Stones Records catalog (basically Sticky Fingers and everyting since) as has been rumored. I think the guys should keep their masters.

Anyway, I'm looking foward to this flick and the soundtrack: it will include live collabs with Jack White, Christina Aguilera (who can sing) and Buddy Guy. But the band, performing at NYC's Beacon Theater, I'm sure were great regardless of who was on the guest list.

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