Monday, January 28, 2008


So, despite Tom Petty saying that his pre-Heartbreakers band, Mudcrutch, would be touring this year, it turns out that a full-on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tour is on for this year. I guess he wanted to capitalize on the momentum the band will no doubt get when they rock the Super Bowl this weekend.

Better news still is that Steve Winwood will be the opening act. He's kicking off the year with a three-night stand at Madison Square Garden - the concerts aren't a co-headlining thing; rather, Clapton and Winwood will perform together. Hopefully Steve will join the Heartbreakers on stage during those shows. I know Tom is a Traffic fan: I've heard Traffic albums over the p.a. before his concerts.

And, by the way, for anyone who hasn't paid attention to Winwood for a while, he's no longer doing middle of the road adult contemporary stuff: his last album, About Time, was a great return to form and very Traffic-y. I'm looking forward to hearing his new one.

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