Friday, February 19, 2010


I know that Sam Moore, formerly of the duo Sam & Dave is on tour.  So, I figured that was a good reason to bust out The Very Best of Sam & Dave and rock it in the car. All I have to say is: damn.  You listen to Sam & Dave and their labelmate Otis Redding, and you realize where Bruce Springsteen (and Steven Van Zandt, and Southside Johnny, and many others) got 90% of their vocal influence from. That, of course, is not put down to Jersey's finest. Everyone has influences, why not be influenced by the greatest. There was something beautiful and raw going on at Stax Records back in the day: Booker T & The MGs played on lots of the Stax Records, and Isaac Hayes was a behind-the-scenes guy before he started making his own records. But for some reason, Sam & Dave don't seem to be as well remembered as many of their peers (although their biggest hit, "Soul Man," will never go away). You may not have any of their music, but if you trust me, pick up a copy of The Very Best Of Sam & Dave. It's just one CD, and it is gold from start to finish.

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