Friday, February 5, 2010


Jack White told Australia's Triple J Radio that the new Dead Weather is pretty much in the can, and he's about to start mixing it. He also said that they put the first two takes on the album on vinyl, which will go to Third Man Records V.I.P. members. Those aren't the final versions of the songs, so it won't be the "official" version of the album. Pretty cool idea.  I'm sure chatboards will light up with complaints that the earlier versions are better than the "finished" one.

In other Jack White news, Dolly Parton told Spinner that she may work with Jack on her next album. He got great results out of Loretta Lynn on her Van Lear Rose album, and of course he's producing Wanda Jackson's next album, the first single is out now on iTunes.


Kent said...

I was pleasently surprised with "Horehound", so I'd try round two.

As far as Dolly goes, maybe Jack White could coax her into writing some new material, not doing more covers. . .

Minority said...

Hi, Kent, thanks for commenting again. Jack is a big fan of Dolly's songwriting, The White Stripes covered "Jolene" years ago. I bet he *would* encourage her to write more, but I bet there might be a cover or two there also.