Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is the "new" video for Jimi Hendrix' "Valleys Of Neptune" which I wrote about before. The song is not quite as "previously unheard" or "unreleased" as they are saying it is. It was previously released on a long out-of-print box set called Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story that came out in 1990. (I have it on cassette!) It was on Warner Brothers Records, which was two or three record labels ago for the Hendrix catalog. Anyway, "Valleys Of Neptune" is included as part of a radio show (I think it was produced by the BBC), but the problem is, the DJ talks a bit over the song. (The first three discs is the radio show, the fourth is a concert recording). I have to pop it in my cassette deck and listen to it again, but I am afraid it may be warped! Anyway, great song. The album, Valleys Of Neptune, featuring some of Jimi's last recordsings, comes out March 9.

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