Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, it could be cool... or it could be two millionaire legends making edgeless music. Roger Daltrey told BBC6 that he'd like to form a new project with Jimmy Page.  He says that he's a great blues singer, and he'd like to record some blues with Page. I would check that album out.  Maybe Page will do it: after all, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones have both done really well with their new collaborations. And with Pete Townshend's tinnitus getting worse, if Roger wants to rock, he may have to do it outside of The Who.


Jeff Shattuck said...

Daltry/Page. I dunno... Rogers/Page didn't work and Paul Rogers is not only a better singer than Daltrey, but he's also a way better songwriter.

By the way, how badass does Jimmy Page look in that photo? The man just oozes Rock.

Minority said...

Hi, Jeff, thanks for reading and contributing. Rogers I guess may be a technically better singer, but I prefer Roger's Who material to Paul's Bad Co. or even Free stuff (although a lot of that is great too). Roger by his own admission isn't really a songwriter though, and Paul Rogers has quite a catalog of classics. I kind of liked some of the Rogers/Page stuff in The Firm, but I don't think Page was really mentally ready to return to making music. If Daltrey and Page did do anything, they would need a producer who isn't a "yes" person, who would push them a bit.