Monday, February 15, 2010


If we go for a long drive, let me sit in the backseat with my copy of Music Listography, and I promise I'll be good for the entire ride!

My wife got me this awesome book and I love it. Created by Lisa Nola, with great illustrations by Michael Gillette, the book has very little copy in it. Instead, it gives you ideas for lists! It's like, make your own Nick Hornby book! The first list is "List Your Top Twenty Favorite Bands."  I'm still working on that one, I may change it to 120 favorites. There are lots of other great lists like "Music From Your High School Years," "Favorite Instrumental Pieces," "Saddest Songs In The World," "Best Duets," "Bands and Genres of Music To Explore Someday," "Your DJ Alter-Egos," "Motivational Self-Help Anthems" and more. It's a lot of fun. Apparently, they have lots of other lists at their website.

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