Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In a new interview with Reuters, Joe Perry says that Steven Tyler is "stronger than ever" after a(nother) stint in rehab, which is great to hear. A cynic would say, "Of course he'd say that!" But the fact is, Joe and the other guys from Aerosmith were essentially kicking Tyler out of the band, so the fact that they took him back must mean something. The problem with this interview is that he also says that Steven "didn't really leave the band" and that "The press kind of twisted it around to sell papers, but you know the bottom line is I just knew things were going to work themselves out." I don't really belive that, but whatever.  I'm glad that they are doing a European tour and that they are playing Fenway this summer with The J. Geils Band. Tickets sold out really quickly: now I have to figure out how to get a pair of them! Hopefully they'll add a second date.

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