Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just got my new issue of Rolling Stone. On the cover is their reason #1: The Black Eyed Peas. I definitely like the BEPs music.  I liked them before the were super popular, and I didn't mind when they added Fergie, in fact I thought she was a good additon.

That said, I really don't think of them as a reason to be excited about music in 2010, but that's just me. I have only had a chance to flip through the issue, and just when I thought that they had wisely avoided Animal Collective, there they were: reason #38! Oh well.  I plan on "responding" to it this week, with my own 40.


Mel Beavers II said...

Hi Brian,
I read the Rolling Stones article, too. I must say, there were some surprises. I agree. BEP makes good dance music, but I don't think they are the # 1 reason to get excited. However, I have to remind myself of the spectacular year BEP has had, with 4 top 10 singles, three of which hit number 1. I can't wait to read your top 40. On a side note, not sure if you covered Slash's album in a blog already, but what did/do you think of Fergie's vocal on 'Beautiful Dangerous'? I like it. She's got the rock & roll vibe.

Minority said...

Hi, Mel, BEP has had a great year. I just think when someone is so ubiquitous, it's hard to get excited over them. For maybe eight or nine years now, if BEP hasn't been on the charts, another production or Fergie song (most of which are by will anyway) are on the charts: plus they are such good marketers (or at least will is) that they are inescapable, and to me , they seem a bit less special. that may be contrarian of me, though.