Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Someone (actually a friend of mine) has started a blog called One More Knight (because no one deserves "sir" in front of their name more than Phil Collins), which is trying to get the very talented drummer/singer/songwriter/producer knighted. The Denver Post linked to him (without saying much about it).  I wonder how Phil will respond.  I have had the opportunity to interview him, and I actually got to chat with him the day that Genesis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He's received so much crap from critics that he seems a bit leery of compliments! He probably doesn't care about being knighted, but I bet he's moved that the fans care enough.

He has a new album coming out in the fall, Going Back, which is covers of '60s songs. He said that he had pretty much put his career to rest, but then the idea of this album came up. I bet he owed the label another album, and while no one at Atlantic Records probably has much idea what to do with a Phil Collins record in 2010, I'm sure a covers album was an easy thing to agree on.  It's the era Phil grew up in, and of course these albums tend to do well.  Phil had shut down his website for a while (it re-directed to the Genesis site) but now it's back up. He's announced a four night stand at Roseland in June - I wonnder if he'll play drums at all.  I think he played on the album, despite his injury.  He was able to tape his drumsticks to his arms and play like that (his problems are with his wrists, not his back as many people previously thought). I know Phil was fine with retiring -- and why not?  He's had an amazing career, his records don't seem to sell anymore, and he doesn't want to tour any longer. But I do hope that he can play drums again, if only for himself.

Speaking of the Genesis website, I read on a fan site that it is being shut down. They've done the reunion tour, got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, put out a live album and five box sets, and with no further activity planned, they don't see the reason to keep up a website.  That's depressing.  But I guess dead websites are even more depressing.

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