Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Alicia Keys is a huge pop star, and I think that that's a great thing. Lots of "artists" have topped the charts based on criteria that doesn't have anything to do with music.

AK is a refreshing change from that. Yes, she's attractive. Yes, she plays the game - she's not precious about her status as an "artist," so she does go along with "industry" stuff. And she's expanded into acting, which isn't always great for an artist's credibility. But what she is precious about is her music. Once she records an album - which I think she gets to do on her own terms, without record label meddling (no mean feat, as she's on Clive Davis' J Records) she will do what she needs to in order to get it to the people.

I've never seen her perform in person, but I may try to get tickets to see her when she plays Madison Square Garden this summer. Last time she toured with John Legend, who I'd rather see than her current opening act, American Idol champion Jordin Sparks. Like John Legend, it makes me feel good to Alicia on the pop charts: she's the real deal. I got to interview her a few years ago, and she seemed genuine and committed to her art. I love her first three albums, and I look forward to see what she'll be doing in ten and twenty years from now. I think she's one of the rare R&B and pop stars of the moment that will have that kind of longevity.

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