Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Neil Young is becomming as prolific with films as he is with music. There's the Crosby Stills Nash & Young Deja Vu documentary that just screened at Sundance. I've also written that Jonathan Demme, who shot Neil's Heart Of Gold concert film a few years back, shot Neil's Philly shows on his current tour.

But Neil's also working on a less music-centric documentary. Linc-Volt: Re-Powering The American Dream is about Linc-Volt, a 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible being "re-powered" at the shops of Jonathan Goodwin (who I read about in a recent cover story in Fast Company, linked here). Apparently, after Mr. Goodwin is done with it, the car will get 100 miles per gallon and will be a diesel/electric hybrid. Hopefully, this process will be something that will be affordable to the average American.

Other than that, hopefully Neil's non-CD box set will, in fact, come out this year. He says he has no plans for his next album yet, but of course he may have changed his mind in the last five minutes.

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