Sunday, February 17, 2008


Eddie Vedder is going to be doing some solo dates. I've been lucky enough to have seen two solo gigs by him over the years.

One was at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Wisconsin in the late '90s. He started off the gig playing solo and pretended to ask audience members to join him on stage on bass and drums. It was a planned out bit - he planted two friends in the crowd, and they joined him on bass and drums. At first the crowd was kind of like, "Wow, these guys fit in pretty well!" Then he introduced them and everyone realized it was a ruse. It was fun, though. His set was covers and a few Pearl Jam songs.

Another time, in 1999, he opened up for The Who with the same guys (I think they were called C Minus). Of course, Pearl Jam is one of the great live bands ever, but it's always interesting to see someone like that in another context. All of Eddie's dates are on the west coast, but hopefully he will also hit NYC at some point. Of course, with Pearl Jam playing Bonnaroo, they might also be doing some other shows. It would be cool to see Eddie, Pearl Jam and Brad within the same year.

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