Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I've mentioned what a huge Rush fan I am before. And while I didn't love their last album, Snakes & Arrows, I felt that "Far Cry" was one of the best songs of last year, and one of
their greatest songs. I'm not sure how excited I am about the news that they are releasing a live album, again, since it is their eighth, and features lots of songs that have been on prior live albums.
Then again, I saw the tour back in the summer of 2007, and, as usual, they were great. I just wish that they'd rearrange some old songs or jam a bit or something. They're touring again this summer, and I can't imagine that I'd miss them.
Now that I'm thinking about it, f- it, I'm excited that they're doing a live album. I'm excited that they're touring. After all that drummer Neil Peart has been through, it's inspiring that he can still attack the music with the intensity that he brings to the stage every night. If you think you've had it rough, you should read his book Ghost Rider. You'll hug your loved ones afterwards.

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