Monday, February 4, 2008


Today I read that Arcade Fire may be suing rupert murdoch and fox for using their one of their songs in a ad promoting football without the band's permission. Wow, if fox really did that, what a perfect storm of stupidity that is. I mean, if they used a Ted Nugent song without his permission, he's probably be sort of OK with it.
But an Arcade Fire song? For a football game? That's all kinds of funny.
I'm not knocking the band, I like both of thier albums, and I loved the recent Spin cover story on AF's Win Butler and Bruce Springsteen. And supposedly Win enjoys basketball, so it's not like he's an anti-jock or something. But still, who was asleep on the job at fox for this one? Maybe they can make it up to the band by offering some of all of them guest roles on The Simpsons (plus a big check and an apology).

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