Thursday, February 21, 2008


I actually don't know much about The Drive-By Truckers. That may be a good thing - all I know is that I really like their new album, Brighter Than Creation Is Dark. I've checked out a bit of their music over the years, and usually enjoyed it. I know that one of their singer-songwriters, Jason Isbell, recently left the band (and I liked some of his solo music). 

Sometimes when I talk about music, it's more about the context than it is about the music itself. Lots of blogger types are really all about the context, especially in cases where an artist has some kind of history, and liking or not liking an artist says things about the credibility of the people having the conversation. So, it's refreshing to just listen to an album, and decide whether or not you like it, strictly on it's own merits. I like this album enough to start looking for some of their older music, I don't really need to know anything else about the band (but if I see an article on them, I'll definitely read it). 

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