Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I remember a couple of years back, The Verve was booked to play Madison Square Garden. I think I wanted to go, and then the show got cancelled. The band broke up.

So, I was glad when the British press started reporting that the band was getting back together. After I saw them on the Coachella lineup, I was hoping for some NY dates, and it turns out, they will in fact be playing here.

“Bittersweet Symphony” was such a monster hit, but that whole Urban Hymns album is a classic. I liked some of their earlier stuff, but although they split up prematurely, at least they went out on a classic. I’ve read that they’re doing a new album, some of which has apparently leaked. I’ll be curious to hear this album. I liked some of frontman Richard Ashcroft’s solo music, but I didn’t think it approached the heights of Urban Hymns.

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