Monday, May 12, 2008


I remember in the '80s, when Whitesnake was hitting it big by shamelessly mimicking Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant commented that "Ten years ago, David Coverdale was trying to be Paul Rodgers. Now he's trying to be me. In ten years, he'll try to be George Michael." I mean, that "Still of the Night" song was like a parody. Except it wasn't a parody. And it sold millions. But when that guitarist whipped out the violin bow, I mean, come on!

Of course, the joke got a lot less funny when Jimmy Page teamed up with Coverdale for an album. I think it was his way of getting back at Robert Plant - he wanted to do something together, Robert didn't, so this was some kind of perverse joke. That's how I always looked at it anyway. I was relieved it didn't last long.

Now, Coverdale is telling England's Mirror that a Zeppelin tour is "very likely." But the crazy part is that he thinks that Zeppelin will actually invite Whitesnake along to open. He must be, as the Brits say, "taking the piss." I mean, I once saw a Metallica cover band open for Metallica, but this would be ridiculous. Maybe Whitesnake can go on tour with Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult - the other bands who claim to be opening for Zeppelin.

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