Saturday, May 31, 2008


I just got back from The Raconteurs show - thier first of three sold out concerts at New York's Terminal 5. (I need to start bringing my digital point-and-click to these shows, but I'm always afraid it will get taken away).

Anyway, they were great. I saw them a few years ago in an arena opening for Bob Dylan, and I was a bit disappointed. But it must be hard to play for a half-empty arena and maybe only half of those people are interested.

But tonight, they owned the stage all night. I'm sure every indie blog will be analyzing every minute of the show and posting a setlist: I didn't take notes, I just took it all in and really dug it. Although they only have two short (and sweet) albums, they stretched the songs out in interesting ways that never seemed meandering or self-indulgent. One thing is for sure: they aren't a Jack White side project, they are really a great band. Having listened to the band a lot in the past few days, I've decided to revisit some of my Brendan Benson records.

It occured the me that there's nothing "alternative" or "indie" about the band. They are a great blues-based rock and roll band. Not metal, not punk, not a jam band (although they can jam), not blues traditionalists (although they know their blues). Just a great rock and roll band. They could have come out of the '60s or '70s. I highly recommend both of their albums (Consolers Of The Lonely will surely be in my top 10, or 5, of '08) and also I'd say they are well worth the money if you see them perform.


operatingroom said...

agreed! definitely one of the best that i've been to (not that i've been to a lot). well worth the money!

Anonymous said...

i was at both the friday and saturday shows and Jack took it to another level on Saturday Night. He freelanced on Steady As She Goes, adding a verse. The rest of the guys just sort of looked on as he did his thing. Blue Veins was even more dramatic. They even brought out a Black Lips guy for a song in the second set.

No 2 shows are the same with these guys.