Monday, May 5, 2008


Now that is some good news. I would argue that Brendan O'Brien produced Pearl Jam's best two albums: 1993's Vs. and 1994's Vitalogy. Plus the 1995 collaboration with Neil Young, Mirrorball (and the Merkin Ball EP) and the 1996 No Code and 1998 Yield albums.

Pearl Jam's last album, 2006's self-titled debut, was my favorite since No Code - it showed a willingness to want to be the biggest and the best, and not worry about indie cred. Getting back with Brendan is another step in the right direction. I don't love everything he's ever worked on, but since he stopped working with Pearl Jam, he's done two classic Bruce Springsteen albums - 2002's The Rising and last year's Magic. Plus Rage Against The Machine's 1999 The Battle Of Los Angeles.

I know if I were in a band, I'd rather make records like those than My Morning Jacket or whoever. They are strong, credible albums with a definite voice and no compromising.

I'm excited to see Pearl Jam next month - I have tickets to both of their MSG shows. Hopefully they'll play some new songs.

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