Saturday, May 10, 2008


You gotta love Dave Grohl: he loves what he loves, doesn't care about trends, is a good guy, has never stopped being a fan, and has a great sense of humor. And you get all of that from his "Open Letter To Metallica" (which I first read about on the metal blog Blabbermouth but has been posted all over the place):  


Hey, it's Dave! Remember me? Yeah, I'm the guy that's been listening to your band faithfully since 1983. I bought your first album Kill 'Em All from a mailorder catalogue called Under The Rainbow, I think. Actually I can't remember. It was 1983 for Christsakes! But that album changed my life and I've been listening to your albums ever since (even St. Anger!).

I can't wait to hear the new shit, and no matter what you guys do I'll always be first one at the shop waiting to hear it. I'm sure you'll come out and blow everybody's fuckin' minds, because you're fuckin' METALLICA!

Good luck. And don't release it until it's kick-ass.

Yours, Dave Grohl.

 P.S. Are you finished recording the drums yet?

I wonder if that last bit made Lars Ulrich nervous. I remember a few years ago reading that Metallica was one of Dave's biggest influences, which surprised me a bit for some reason, but it makes sense. I remember in '92, Nirvana was offered the opening slot on the Guns 'N Roses/Metallica tour, and Kurt Cobain was like, "No way." Probably more because of Guns, but still, I doubt he was feeling Metallica. But who knows - maybe now Metallica will offer The Foo Fighters the gig as their openers. Or maybe Dave can put together some kind of Probot all star band. 

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