Wednesday, May 21, 2008


School of Rock is one of my favorite movies ever. Is it the most sophisticated film ever? Maybe not. Is it realistic? Um... maybe not? But all I know is that I smile throughout the entire thing every time I see it.

I think it captures the love for music that lots of us have. I don't play an instrument, and I've never been in a band, but I relate to the love. And there's something weirdly moving about watching the kids form the band and then play really well.

One of my favorite parts is actually during the credits, where Jack Black and the kids are rocking out to AC/DC's "It's A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock And Roll." I've read that the scene was mainly freestyled, and it shows. It's a lot of fun.

One problem. Jack Black gives a solo and a shoutout to every member of the band except for the bass player, Katie. Jack? Cello! You wouldn't have forgotten John Entwistle, would you? Would you diss Paul McCartney like that? So, here's a shout out to Katie, played by real life musician Rebecca Brown. I'm not hating on my man Jables, though. I've already predicted that he will own not just the movie charts, but the pop charts this summer. But when Ms. Brown releases her debut, you owe her one: write her bio, or better yet, have Tenacious D open for her!

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