Saturday, May 17, 2008


OK, they've been around since 1999, but to me, Muse was a pretty new discovery. I'd read about them in British magazines over the years, and I kind of liked them, but thier 2006 album Black Holes And Revelations made me a fan.

I love that they have this kind of hipster cred, but they release singles with titles like "Knights Of Cydonia." They have a big Rush influence (I think they've listened to 2112 at least), but they're also clearly into U2, Queen and maybe even Jeff Buckley.

They have Rush-like chops, and the singer can hit the Freddie Mercury-type notes. And they also have a sense of humor. It's a good combination.

I don't endorse new bands too often, but this is one fairly recent discovery that I'm really into. HAARP is a live CD/DVD set - apparently, they're much bigger in England, as this was recorded at Wembley Stadium - but I'm looking forward to thier next studio album.

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