Wednesday, May 7, 2008


When Genesis went on tour last year, they were occasionally asked why original frontman Peter Gabriel wasn't with them. The easy answers would be that (1) they were way more popular after he left, (2) he was way more popular after he left and (3) he was way more credible after he left, and probably still doesn't want to play up the Genesis thing too much. But they said he was busy with his own project. So where is it?

Well, it can take the guy up to a decade to do an album these days - it was eight years between So and Us, ten between Us and Up, and it's been six years since Up already. He has lots of projects that you can read about at his website, and they aren't just musical: he's also a human rights champion (his organization Witness has made an impact) and he's also developed a music recommendation engine called The Filter.

But believe it or not, his servers were recently stolen. I hope he had back up copies of anything that he's recorded, or software that he's developed.

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