Thursday, July 31, 2008


OK this picture is just a press photo of Aimee Mann, I took a photo of her at tonight's show, but it didn't come out that well.

It was an interesting show. For the past year, she's said that the electric guitar is "shit out of luck" in her music. She's using just her own acoustic guitar and two keyboardists. It's a nice change, but I found her decision to play a small rock club - that was mainly standing room - to be a bit odd. It really felt like a "sitting down" concert. Someone I was there with asked if I thought it was a bit self-indulgent. I'm hesitant to criticize anything that Aimee Mann does. But even her more anthemic songs - "Invisible Ink" and "Red Vines" - were a bit more calm. I thought it was a good show, but I'm glad I didn't take anyone to see her for the first time tonight. Maybe it was a bit self-indulgent, but I'll deal with it for Aimee Mann. I'll still go see her Christmas shows in December.

I'm still a bit iffy on her new album, Smilers. I think "Freeway" and "31 Today" are among her greatest songs though. It's tough though: her Magnolia, Bachelor #2 and Lost In Space are some of my very favorite albums. I do believe she can put out another one that is just as good as those though.

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