Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am a fan of (Product) Red, although it has been criticized for (allegedly) spending more money on marketing than it should, and not sending enough money to Africa. I don't know about the numbers, but I think it's good to encourage corporations to contribute money to help to make the world a better place. As a consumer, I'm happy to choose to purchase things if I think some of my money is going to a good cause. I've definitely bought a bunch of gap clothes with the (Product) Red label on it. 

I was interested to read that Red's next project is a digital music subscription service: you pay $5 a month, and get three tracks. One from a well known artist (U2, Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello have agreed to donate tracks), one from a lesser known artist, and one bonus track. Some of the songs will be performances from Elvis Costello's upcoming talk show on The Sundance Channel. I myself will be signing up for this. 

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