Saturday, July 26, 2008


I've been writing about this "Seven Nights To Rock" thing that I've been wanting to do: seven concerts in seven nights. Other than writing about the concerts, I also was planning on keeping track of what it would cost to actually go to seven concerts in seven nights. 

Well, it turns out that it would cost so much, that I'm not actually doing it. I will be going to two Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band concerts, as well as The Foo Fighters,Aimee Mann and the Rock The Bells Festival in the next few days though, and I do plan on writing about all of them, and also logging how much it costs, etc. But I'm not going to seven concerts in a row. Other than the ticket prices, the cost of driving into NYC, parking, and then parking at the Meadowlands, plus tolls and gas just makes it pretty cost prohibitive. I was supposed to start tonight - my original plan was to see the Neil Young film Deja Vu in a theater in NYC, but instead I watched it at I know, not very rocking, but more cost effective, and it was cool (by the way) that you can watch it online (since it probably isn't available in many areas). 

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