Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A few weeks ago, I wrote about Little Steven's year- and decade-end charts. Now, you know I'm a huge fan of Little Steven, his Wicked Cool Records label and his Underground Garage channel on SIRIUS XM. But even I called him out on naming The Beatles Mono Box Set the best album of the past decade. I mean, how could anything else possibly compete with all of those Beatles classics? I also was surprised to see Kelly Osbourne on the best singles list. Apparently, Entertainment Weekly was surprised also: they interviewed him to call him out on those and a few other picks. Check out the interview here.


Ryan McGowan said...

I'm willing to give Steven some slack given all the music he's turned me on to. Chesterfield Kings Psychedelic Sunrise album was the first Underground Garage inspired album I bought, and arguably still the best. I understand the argument that they're on his record label but I think the pick as this being one of the top albums is a good one.

Minority said...

Fair enough, Ryan, I obviously give Little Steven some slack also. The Underground Garage isn't a democracy, Little Steven is the boss! I trust his taste. He has turned me on to several bands, my favorite being The Cocktail Slippers. I was really posting this just to give some context to why I was linking to it. But thanks for reading and commenting!