Thursday, January 21, 2010


The Who just released Greatest Hits Live exclusively on iTunes. Kind of a weird collection, spanning thier entire career, pretty much. The oldest track is "My Generation" recorded for the BBC in 1965, and the most recent is a live version of "Eminence Front," was recorded last year. Some of the stuff was previously released, like the BBC session, some stuff from their 1989 tour and one track is from Live At Leeds, but the rest seems previously unavailable.  Still, save for one long medley track ("Naked Eye/Let's See Action/My Generation" live from 1974 that lasts about 15 minutes) they're all available a la carte.  Some of it seems pretty great, but if you are new to The Who, or don't have any live stuff, start with Live At Leeds or Live At The Isle Of Wight. There's also a cool live concert inculded in the deluxe reissue of Who's Next. The Who should have fewer greatest hits collections (I can think of five) and more live recordings from different periods in their career.

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