Wednesday, January 20, 2010


For those of you who are new to No Expiration, every Wednesday morning at 9 am ET I go on the SIRIUS XM channel OutQ. I am a weekly contributor to The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick. We talk about - surprise! - music.

It's a tale of two artists, two friends of Elton. Elvis Costello and Rod Stewart. Mainly because they both have recent releases worth talking about. They both have incredible legacys to live up to, and each does it in a different way. Elvis seems unintimidated by his: he may address his older songs when he performs, but he certainly isn't confined by them, nor does he seem worried about replicating their success.  As a result, he has had a really interesting career. His last two albums, 2008's garage rock album Momofuku and 2009's bluegrass album Secret,
Profane and Sugarcane both show that he has many tricks up his sleeve, and
that he is still an incredibly intense artist, three decades in. And his passion for music is now on display more than ever thanks to his TV show Spectacle: Elvis Costello With... But he is fine with addressing his legacy via his "Costello Show" series of live recordings.

Rod Stewart meanwhile, seems content to kind of do whatever keeps him in the mainstream and on the charts, as long as it isn't too much work. Just my opinion, and I admit that it's a bit churlish to complain about a guy who has been the singer on some truly great rock and roll records: his own, The Faces and The Jeff Beck Group. But hey, it's my blog and my opinion.

Feel free to agree or disagree: call in during the show (1-866-305-6887), or tweet at Larry.

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