Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For those of you who are new to No Expiration, every Wednesday morning at 9 am ET I go on the SIRIUS XM channel OutQ. I am a weekly contributor to The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick. We talk about - surprise! - music. I am usually on for a half-hour, but tomorrow I will be on for an hour.

First, I will be talking about The Jackson 5. Universal/Motown has just reissued the band's last bunch of albums for the label before they left for Sony, including the soundtrack to their 1971 prime-time TV special Goin' Back To Indiana, as well as 1972's Lookin' Through The Windows, 1973's Skywriter, 1973's G.I.T. (Get It Together) and 1975's Moving Violation. Talk about boys to men: the brothers changed a lot in this four years. These albums don't have their biggest hits, but they are worth having for sure.

I'll also be talking about the Michael Jackson concert film, This Is It, which came out on DVD this week. I haven't seen it, but if you have, please call in! I do have some of the tracks from the film, including the title song, co-written by Michael and Paul Anka. It also has a really, really sad demo version of "She's Out Of My Life," with Michael singing accompanied only by an acoustic guitarist. Stunning.

Finally, I'll be talking about various songs you can download to raise money to help fund relief efforts in Haiti, which I've already written about. I can add another one to the list I already posted: Wilco is offering "free" downloads of two concerts from the summer of 2009 on their website, but they ask that if you download them, you donate at least $15 to either Oxfam or Doctors Without Borders. Of course, you should donate what you can to the people of Haiti in thier hour of need - but it's nice that you can get some cool music in return for your generosity!

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Peter said...

Caught you on OutQ with Larry and Keith and as always, you guys made me smile. When that first J5 song came on I thought, "what's Larry up to? this is different..." You always bring a great depth, man that was a great hour. The Haiti stuff was really great too and of course then I had to look up the "Color" video on YouTube too! pretty awesome! Hope everything is going well with the site. Miss you guys, Pete