Sunday, January 31, 2010


Two nights after NARAS honored Neil Young at their annual MusiCares Person Of The Year event, Neil just won his first Grammy. Ever. He's never won one before. What? It's true. He won it for The Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 for Best Boxed or Limited Edtiion Package. Well, he and his team deserve it for sure.  The Archives is the first of the new wave of box sets.  The catch is, you have to have a lot of content, and fans who really, really, really want to hear it to put out a box set like this.

By the way, at the MusiCares event, Neil noted that he has written a few songs for his next album.  I'm not a huge fan of his last one, but the one before that, Chrome Dreams II, was really good. I never give up on Neil, you never know when he'll unleash another classic, and I think he's due for one.

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