Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ever since I was a little kid, I've been a big Bill Cosby fan. I loved Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids. Is he perfect? Well, who is? But he's done his best to make a difference in the world. He's taken a lot of flak for his comments about hip-hop music. I've never found myself disagreeing with him, though (although I may have when I was younger).

Anyway, Bill is supposedly working on a hip-hop album (he's producing, not MC-ing) called The Cosby Narratives, Vol. 1 State Of Emergency. Unsurprisingly, there are no real credible hip-hop artists collaborating with him. Hip-hop gets real defensive about any criticism of the art-form as a whole - which I guess makes sense. But that doesn't mean it should be beyond criticism, especially from someone who lived through the Civil Rights era.

By the way, this isn't his first foray into music. Other than some of the great songs by Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids (I loved "Soap And Water"), Bill himself is supposedly a good jazz drummer, plus he actually did some vocal albums (which I've never heard) and in the '60s ran a record label that signed Deep Purple.

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