Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last night, I caught The Verve at the Wamu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Great show. The Verve isn't a band that I have a, like, religious attachment to - but I can see why other people would. And I've always admired them, and loved their final album, 1997's Urban Hymns. "The Rolling People," "The Drugs Don't Work" "Sonnet" and especially "Lucky Man" are just classics.

It was great to finally see them, and they did a great show. They played every song that I wanted to hear. Of course, they played some of the earlier stuff, which made me want to check it out. I do have 1995's A Northern Soul, but nothing else. They also played a new song which I liked - but the audience seemed to have checked out for that one. Which struck me as odd: the indie/alternative scene in the '80s and '90s, like the punk scene of the '70s, seemed to shun nostaligia. Here's a band that is trying not just to reunite, but also reactivate as a band, and people didn't seem too interested. Well, I liked their new song, I hope their album lives up to the band's legacy.

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