Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This week, The Replacements reissued their first four albums - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash, Stink, Hootenanny and Let It Be.

In an interview, Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson mentioned that they actually considered reuniting and decided against it.

I think it would be pretty impossible for these guys to live up to whatever expectations people have for them. On the other hand, they're both still alive and well. Paul does his solo thing, and Tommy does his solo thing and also plays in the Guns N Roses machine. Maybe they should just tour as "Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson," it would allow them to do Replacements songs without having to be The Replacements.

I first got into them when I saw them open for Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos. My brother went crazy over them and didn't shut up about them for, like, two years, which made me not like them. But these days, I have to admit they were a great band.

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