Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well, it turns out that AC/DC actually is in the studio, and they've chosen a great producer: Brendan O'Brien. O'Brien has a long list of credits, including three of the last four Bruce Springsteen albums, as well as records by Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine and Matthew Sweet, among others. Here's hoping that this results in a great album.
What's funny is the way this news has gotten out: not via AC/DC or Brendan O'Brien, but The Supersuckers. On their web site, frontman Eddie Spaghetti said that the guy producing their album works as an engineer for O'Brien, and was called away from doing 'Suckers mixes to work on AC/DC.
I'll take this opportunity to try to pimp the 'Suckers. Great band. Saw them twice last year, once opening for Social Distortion, and then again for The New York Dolls. Lots of fun, criminally underrated. Anyway, here's hoping for new AC/DC and Supersuckers music soon.

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