Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Chris Cornell was interviewed by Billboard recently about some kid from American Idol doing Chris' version of "Billie Jean." But the cool thing about the interview was Chris saying that he is working on his next album with Timbaland. Timbaland, of course, is most well known for working with hip-hop artists, or pop artists with a big hip-hop influence.

Still, I think it can be an interesting collaboration. Chris isn't going to embarass himself by trying to be hip-hop.

In the aforementioned Billboard interview, he mentioned being surprised that someone was using his arrangement on American Idol, given his "indie" roots. I would think he was referring to the fact that Soundgarden's first albums were on the (very credible) independent labels SST Records and Sub Pop. Some lame blogger (and probably more than one) had a little laugh at that. Don't worry dude, I'm sure Chris isn't saying he's indie like, say, The Strokes (whose albums come out on RCA - at least until they get dropped). Please return to your regularly scheduled activities. I hear Lou Barlow is reuniting Sentridoh. No just kidding.

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