Friday, April 11, 2008


I haven't gotten to see The Rolling Stones flick Shine A Light yet (I hope to this weekend) but I have been digging the soundtrack.

Some might ask if it really is necessary for another live Stones album - there are eight others, plus the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus soundtrack.

My reply would be yes. Yes, this is a live album worth getting. In fact, I'd say it is another live album worth having. I like almost all of the Stones' live albums (Still Life isn't great though), but this is one of the better ones.

I will allow the point that some of the songs have appeared on a lot of live albums before: by my count, there are five authorized versions of "Jumpin' Jack Flash," five of "Sympathy For The Devil," four of "Start Me Up," four of "Brown Sugar" (a song I think should be retired, I'm sorry), and five of "Satisfaction." Many of the other songs on the album have appeared on live albums before, but surprisingly, many haven't, including one of the band's best songs, "As Tears Go By." Also never on a live album "Little T&A," "She Was Hot," "Loving Cup," "Some Girls," "Far Away Eyes," "You Got The Silver" and Muddy Waters' "Champagne And Reefer." A live version of "All Down The Line" was a b-side to a single, and Keith Richards did "Connection" on his Live At The Hollywood Palladium album, but neither song has ever been on a Stones live album.

Fun statistics aside, it's a great live album, I think it shows that the Stones are still at the top of their game. They choose great songs to play, and the collaborations really work well (Jack White on "Loving Cup," Christina Aguilera on "Live With Me" and especially Buddy Guy on "Champagne And Reefer").

My only complaint: the most recent song is "She Was Hot" - from 1983's Undercover, which kind of makes them seem like the relics their critics would want you to think they are. I thought that their last album, A Bigger Bang, was easily their best since Tattoo You, and maybe even Some Girls. I would have loved to have heard "Rough Justice," "Back Of My Hand," "This Place Is Empty," "Oh No Not You Again" or "Infamy." Or even from the Forty Licks best of, "Stealing My Heart" or "Losing My Touch." Or even "The Worst" or "New Faces" from Voodoo Lounge.

Of course, that gives me something to look forward to on their next live album.

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