Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is one heavy group of bands: the Metal Masters tour will feature Judas Priest, Heaven & Hell (the Ronnie James Dio fronted version of Black Sabbath), Motorhead and Testament. People will no doubt snicker at it - and no one who shows up will care. This is sort of like Ozzfest, without the younger bands that the older fans don't care about (and without Ozzy). It will be interesting to see how this does. I'd be into going if I could get my hands on a ticket. I've haven't seen Priest since high school - and that when they were touring for their awful, synth-heavy album, Turbo. I did see Halford open for Maiden a few years ago, though, and he was great. I've never seen the Dio version of Sabbath. Motorhead is always great though. Talk about a trend-proof concert.
Meanwhile, Priest is meeting a new audience, like so many other older rock bands, via the game Rock Band: Priest's Screaming For Vengence will be the first full album download sold through the game.

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