Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tomorrow night I will be guesting on The Busted Halo show on SIRIUS XM's Catholic Channel. I'll be talking about the spiritual side of some of Bruce Springsteen's songs. I am not a Catholic (I am Jewish) but there's some obvious imagery going on. And, anyway, his recurring themes of faith and redemption, and transcending the circumstances of your life, are things we can all get wit'.

As is the case with every list I ever do, it took me hours to come up with (and as is the case with every list I ever do, the fate of the world doesn't rest on the list, so I should probably spend less time on this kind of thing!).

Father Dave Dwyer, the show's host, asked me to bring two songs to discuss. TWO! I actually suggested four and suggested that he choose two. My final picks were "Badlands," "The Rising," "No Surrender" and "Reason To Believe."

But I could have gone with "Adam Raised A Cain," "Devils & Dust," "American Land," "The Promised Land," well, there's so many.

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