Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So, this week on OutQ, Larry Flick has been talking about the various aspects of gay pride. He is not featuring any of his usual guest contributors, except for me, which is an honor. He wants me to talk about queercore. I had to do some research on this: I knew a little about Team Dresch and Tribe 8, but not much. I think I'd heard both bands on compilation CDs in the '90s, probably from CMJ and Kill Rock Stars. I have songs from each band. I'll also be playing Pansy Division, who I've played before on the show. I've also added The Germs, who were pre-queercore, but who I think influenced the scene. I'm pretty sure their late frontman Darby Crash was bi-, but guitarist (and future Nirvana touring guitarist and Foo Fighters member) Pat Smear is gay. Finally, although it would totally offend many punk rockers, I am including Judas Priest due to their frontman, metal god Rob Halford. While Rob kept his sexuality a secret (at least to straight people- gay folks and more enlightened straights [I don't include myself there] seemed to know the deal) for years, I still give him a lot of credit for coming out. It must be really difficult to be a heavy metal icon of all things, and then tell your millions of fans that you are gay. I have to say that at this point, I don't think it bothers many of his fans, which is nice. Anyway, should be an interesting show.

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